Materials - Constructed with the very high-quality materials like a ceramic cell vaporizer and 24-carat gold plated contacts.

Consistency - You don't need to constantly clean the device (like JUUL), because there are no loose pod connections.


Flavor - Great taste due to ceramic cell vaporizing technology. No silica wicks or cotton.

More Vapor - Strong vaporization and specialized airflow make best-in-class vapor production.

ABAY PCC Anywhere Charging- The ABAY Portable Charging Case (PCC) can fully recharge your ABAY five times before it must be charged. You’ll never worry about you’re batter running out at the wrong time.


Twice the Liquid – ABAY pods are 1.6mL which is 2x more than what you get with JUUL.

Spend Less Money – Get the ABAY high quality performance while spending less money per mL of liquid that JUUL.

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