Sully’s vapor shop produces Delaware-made e-juice from the best ingredients available. Consumption of our special blends is regulated by state and federal laws. Read on for legal advice for Delaware vape shops.

Key Elements of Delaware laws are:

  • It is prohibited to sell tobacco goods or tobacco substitutes to anybody under the age of 21 in Delaware, according to state law. 
  • Purchasing tobacco products or tobacco substitutes is forbidden for anybody under the age of 21
  • Under the law, anyone selling tobacco products or tobacco replacements must examine the proof of age of any buyer under the age of 30. 
  • Fines and penalties, as well as arrests, are imposed on violators. 

The statute can be found on the Delaware General Assembly’s website under Part B “Sales and Distribution of Tobacco Products and Substitutes.”  

Be aware that the information contained here is intended as legal advice for Delaware vape shops. Should you wish to know more, please, contact an expert.